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Bordeaux Harvest Wine Tour

Harvest time in the spellbinding vineyards of Bordeaux, France is an amazing period in one of the most prestigious and well-known winemaking regions in the world. To smell the ripe fruit, experience the camaraderie, and feel the excitement of the yearlong labor coming to fruition.

We here at Decanter Tours, create specialist wine tours of France, offer you the opportunity to experience the harvest for yourself. You can get right in amongst the grapes, amongst the vineyards and amongst the master winemakers. 

From September to October you have the opportunity to participate in this yearly ritual.  (dates of the actual harvest dependant upon God and mother nature)

The cellar masters and vineyard managers of some of Bordeaux premier châteaux will guide you through the techniques and tactics for making a superlative wine.

Rarely do we get the chance to actually pick the grapes and participate in the harvest of world class wineries. 

Decanter Tours has designed an amazing wine tour revolving around several full days of harvest workshops for your own personalized harvest education. In the cellars you will learn how the wine is made, in the vineyard you will pick the ripest grapes and put your mark on the wines of Bordeaux.  

It is a rare and unique experience to participate in the harvest with the teams of the top châteaux in Bordeaux!

You will learn how to select the ripest and healthiest grapes; you will follow them from the vineyard to the cellar; following their journey until they make it into the vats. Maceration techniques, extraction, pumping over or punching down, each cellar master has his own techniques and his own recipe.

If you would like to participate in this year’s harvest please contact Decanter Tours for more information.


When:  September – October 2015 (exact dates are as yet unknown and depend upon the weather and the decisions made by the vineyard managers)

Where:  Accommodation is available in Bordeaux Center or among the vineyards.

Disclaimer:  Decanter Tours cannot be held responsible if chateau do not harvest on a reserved day due to weather or other conditions.



Photo credit: Atout France/Catherine Bibollet

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